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Discover hidden revenue opportunities in your R&D expenditures through our effective strategic funding solutions.
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Our Services

Impactful funding support, no up-front fees

We get paid when you get paid. We provide our services on a commission-based model.

Non-dilutive funding optimization.

Unlock the full potential of funding opportunities with a strategic approach to optimizing the stacking of grants, tax incentives and more. Tailored to meet specific business needs, this service adeptly navigates the intricate landscape of funding programs, ensuring the most effective combination of financial supports for enhanced business growth and innovation.

SR&ED process management, preparation & filing.

Experience seamless SR&ED process management, preparation, and filing with a white-glove, hassle-free approach. This service ensures optimal, audit-proof claims while managing the entire process and record-keeping efficiently, eliminating added overhead for businesses.

Technical grant writing & submissions.

Expert handling of technical grant writing and submissions, characterized by accuracy and compliance. This service simplifies the complex process of grant applications, offering businesses a streamlined approach to securing funding with minimal effort.
An Innovation Economy

Take advantage of Canada's innovation engine

Fuel Your Innovation with Canada's Support: Work with ZerotoOne and tap into over $10 billion in government funding for innovation development.

Let us be your guide to harnessing Canada's rich commitment to fostering business growth and innovation through strategic government incentives.
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The Right Approach

Work with our team of experts to maximize your funding by combining grants, SR&ED & more

ZerotoOne takes a cashflow-first approach to maximize your net revenues from R&D spend.

We'll work with you to blend grants, tax credits, SR&ED, and more to unlock the full potential of funding opportunities for your business.
You need capital to change the world
Our expertise continues to drive success for our clients through funding unlocked, projects supported, and client satisfaction.
Funding unlocked
With ZerotoOne's guidance, clients have unlocked a remarkable $170 million in funding, showcasing our commitment to turning innovative visions into tangible, financially supported realities.
Happy Clients
Over 250 happy clients have flourished under ZerotoOne's expertise, a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional service and tangible results in funding and innovation support.
Funding Success Rate
ZerotoOne boasts a 99% success rate in funded applications and claims, reflecting our precision, expertise, and unwavering commitment to securing the best outcomes for our clients.
85 Years
Combined Industry Experience
Our leadership team combines expertise from founders in the software, hardware, finance, medical industries and pairs them with the insight of ex-CRA auditors to ensure you are fully supported in your funding journey.
Experience the better way to 'shred' your work
Put simply, ZerotoOne removes the overhead and stress traditionally associated with the documentation, preparation and defense of your SR&ED claims.

No New Overhead

Your embedded expert will enable your team and assist with automated data collection tools and techniques and assist with the documentation of SR&ED projects throughout the year.

Proactive Support Collection

Claim projects are often missed using traditional reactive methods. Instead we collect and document projects throughout the year to form highly defensible SR&ED claims.

Prepared & Reviewed by Experts

Your claim is written by a Ph.D technical writer, prepared by a CPA, and internally reviewed and audited by an ex-CRA SR&ED auditor.

Audit Protection

A combination of defensible documentation and an extensive internal review process ensures you’ll receive your refund from CRA.
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What our experts are writing about

Tool and strategies modern teams need to help their companies grow.

Proactive Project Collection: Key to Audit-Proof and Maximized SR&ED Claims

Proactively collecting project data throughout the year ensures comprehensive, audit-proof SR&ED claims, capturing every eligible activity to maximize benefits and reduce risks of audits and claim denials.
Ronen Benin
December 13, 2023
min read

Navigating Canada's Grant Landscape: Maximizing Returns through Strategic Combinations

Explore how strategic combinations of Canadian grants and tax credits, like SR&ED and IRAP, maximize funding, and learn how consultants can navigate these opportunities for optimal business growth.
Ronen Benin
December 13, 2023
min read

Understanding SR&ED: Canada's Catalyst for Innovation

Discover SR&ED, Canada's tax incentive for R&D innovation. Learn about its eligibility, claim process, and how it fuels technological growth.
Ronen Benin
December 13, 2023
min read
Join 250+ companies growing with ZerotoOne

Beyond SR&ED: expanding your funding horizons

In addition to SR&ED, discover how ZerotoOne leverages its extensive network and relationships to provide strategic networking and investment opportunities, enhancing your access to capital.

Investment Partners

ZerotoOne serves as your investment partner, utilizing our vast network and relationships to open doors to strategic investment opportunities. Elevate your access to capital and transform your innovative visions into tangible success.

Alternative Lending

Explore alternative capital and lending solutions with ZerotoOne. We navigate diverse funding avenues to secure the financial support your business needs, ensuring a more flexible and tailored approach to fueling your growth.
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the ZerotoOne experience.
What makes ZerotoOne different from other consulting firms in the funding optimization space?
ZerotoOne stands out due to our personalized approach, deep understanding of government programs, and commitment to client success. Our track record of unlocking substantial funding amounts and maintaining a high client satisfaction rate underscores our effectiveness in the field.
How does ZerotoOne handle confidential information provided by clients?
Client confidentiality is paramount at ZerotoOne. We have strict protocols and agreements in place to ensure that all information shared with us is securely handled and protected.
Does engaging with ZerotoOne for grant writing and submissions add significant overhead to our project costs?
Our services are designed to minimize overhead for our clients. We streamline the grant writing and submission process, ensuring that your team can focus on innovation while we handle the complexities of funding applications.
What types of companies does ZerotoOne work with?
We work with a diverse range of companies across various industries, including tech startups, software developers, and businesses engaged in innovative projects. Our services are designed to be adaptable to the unique R&D efforts of any company.
Can ZerotoOne assist with SR&ED claims for a company new to this process?
Absolutely. We guide new companies through the entire SR&ED process, from identifying eligible projects and expenses to preparing and filing claims. Our goal is to make the process straightforward and hassle-free.
How does ZerotoOne ensure a high success rate in funding applications?
We achieve a high success rate by combining in-depth knowledge of funding programs with a tailored approach to each client's unique needs. Our expertise in documentation, compliance, and strategic alignment with funding criteria plays a crucial role.
What exactly does ZerotoOne specialize in?
ZerotoOne specializes in optimizing funding opportunities for businesses through strategic grant writing, SR&ED claim preparation, and maximizing tax incentives. We help businesses navigate and benefit from various government programs and funding avenues.
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